Finance minister rules out further rate hike

‘Embracing diversity critical for finance leaders’

But he did not divulge details about the nature of the measures – whether they would be a sovereign bond issue, NRI bonds or a quasi-sovereign mode of debt raising. “FIIs have sought certain explanations, which the finance minister gave them,” Takru said, without elaborating on what issues were raised in the meeting. There had been concerns about a return to capital controls after the RBI last week announced curbs on outflows by local companies and residents in a bid to stem the rupee’s slide. On Thursday, Chidambaram said no capital control measures are planned.

Al Khawarizimi College offers bachelor degree in Islamic banking and finance

The bachelors degree will provide students with the opportunity of learning Islamic principles and methods of banking, economic, finance and accounting through Sharia. The move follows the success of the colleges associate degree courses over the past six years. Students in the programme will develop a clear understanding of the structure, functions, processes and management of Islamic financial institutions and will develop the practical skills required to play an integral role in these institutions after graduation, said Dr Eisa Al Mansour, head of the Islamic banking and finance programme at KIC. Our associate degrees in Islamic banking graduates have been successful in finding suitable employment opportunities soon after graduation.

Brown said that one major aspect of the diversity challenge is gender diversity and that is why it is one of the focus of ACCA. Our membership itself is the most diverse of any international accountancy body. We have more than half a million members and students in 170 countries bringing with them a multitude of socio-economic, ethnic and cultural experiences. Our raison detre when we were founded more than 100 years ago was to give opportunity to people of talent and application whatever their background and we really believe in the value that diversity brings. Secondly, on the gender issue, 45 per cent of our members and half our student intake is female.


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