Confessions of a Personal Finance Writer: I Don’t Track Every Penny

For instance, I like having a small, functional wardrobe, so I scrutinize clothing purchases. I dont really like or watch much TV, so I dont pay for cable. I enjoy cooking, so 99% of my meals are home-cooked. I dont like big gyms, so I work out at home.

State to support micro-finance firms

The operation of the Fund has in recent time elicited calls for its review, to cover other sectors and economic activities which are not necessarily focused on the export market. The Minister of Trade and Industry, Haruna Iddrisu, explained that three significant development in the economy necessitated the review of EDAIF operations: to expand the scope and mandate of the Fund; to go beyond export and export trades; and to allow EDAIF give support to industries — particularly the manufacturing sector and SMEs as well as start- ups. We recognise that the private sectors major challenge is access to and cost of credit. We should be able to revise EDAIF to lower its interest rate. EDAIF is capable of lending at 12.5% or 15% instead of pairing it to the lending rate of the banks.

SOLON Taps Industry Veterans to Lead Project Finance Group, Procurement and Acquisitions

In April, the unexpected and unexplained withdrawal of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency from the IILM deprived the body of a key founding country which is home to some of the world’s largest Islamic banks. Current shareholders of the IILM are the central banks of Indonesia, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Qatar, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, as well as the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank. Iran is a member of the IILM but not a shareholder. @yahoofinance on Twitter, become a fan on Facebook Related Content Chart Your most recently viewed tickers will automatically show up here if you type a ticker in the “Enter symbol/company” at the bottom of this module.

Islamic finance body IILM sells debut $490 million sukuk

John Kintz has become managing director of the project finance group, responsible for commercial and utility-scale solar project financings, and Jeff Calabro has taken on the role of senior director of procurement and acquisitions. Over the past year, we have been expanding SOLONs business development team and pipeline of projects on a national scale, said Jared Schoch, vice president and general manager of SOLON Corporation. As we continue to build our business, it is vital that we expand our relationships with suppliers and investors. John and Jeff are proven veterans that match our values and have the ability to execute against our goals and elevate our business to the next level. Before joining SOLON, Kintz was a director of project finance at SunPower Corporation, where he negotiated, arranged and closed over 400 megawatts (MW) of solar transactions in North America.


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