Denmark Says Bond Sales Won’t Grow to Finance Public Works

27. Both Vestager and Corydon have argued that Denmarks restrained economic policies have supported record low interest rates. The central banks efforts to defend the krones peg to the euro have left its deposit rate below zero since July last year. The monetary stimulus has so far failed to create jobs. Danish unemployment, including people in vocational training programs, was 5.8 percent in June, compared with as low as 2.5 in 2008.

Bing News, Finance, Sport and Weather arrive on Nokia Lumia


Bing Weather informs you what its like outside, by giving you temperature readings, informing you if its mostly cloudy, with the addition of the daily low and high temperatures. Its this type of information that helps us decide whether to grab a coat or not as we leave for work. With daily forecasts youll always know if you need to change plans for that BBQ you had planned for a few days time, or if you were planning a beach day, maybe leave it for the following week if its going to rain. If you have relatives in, or if you travel regularly to, other parts of the world, you can add more cities to stay informed of the weather.

Maharashtra finance department launches austerity drive

Resources are under strain. And yet the finance department periodically receives proposals for fresh recruitments, projects and liabilities from other departments,” the letter said. “Therefore, deputy chief minister Ajit Pawar (who also holds the finance portfolio) has instructed that only proposals of paramount importance should be sent for consideration. All proposals should be scrutinized carefully and presented to the finance minister only in exceptional cases,” it added.


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