Greece could ask for bail-out number three: German finance minister warns previous rescue packages worth £205BILLION won’t be enough

The Morning Ledger: Ex-Finance Official’s Job Switch Makes Waves in Delaware

Warning: German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said Greece’s 205billion will not be enough The comments triggered alarm across the single currency bloc and made a mockery of claims that the crisis in the eurozone is over. The Camerons chillaxing (again) in Cornwall: ‘Bad back’ doesn’t stop Prime Minister enjoying FOURTH holiday this year – in his favourite navy polo shirt (again) Official figures last week showed the eurozone economy grew by 0.3 per cent between April and June ending 18 months of recession. However, the recovery was driven by Germany, and countries such as Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Greece remained stuck in the mire. Unemployment is at or close to record highs across the region with millions of youngsters out of work.

Trouble: Greece could need yet more bail out money, it has been warned

Fearing the outcome of a bitter proxy fight at its annual meeting tomorrow, the company has offered to expand its 10-member board and give seats to three of Starboard Values four nomineesif two current directors are re-elected. The gambit highlights the growing clout of activist investors amid what have become increasingly competitive board elections, the WSJs Joann S. Lublin and Drew Fitzgerald write. Boards are getting better at negotiating settlements with activists and getting more clever at offering hybrid boards as a possible solution because they recognize the activists carry a lot of weight in contested elections, said Damien J. Park, managing partner of Hedge Fund Solutions, who advises boards and investors about issues around activists.

Finance Minister P Chidambaram seeks 10-point action plan to revive economy

Total offshore and shipping orderbooks are valued at $238 billion at cost and the lack of financing is impacting orderbook growth beyond 2016. This transaction is a perfect example of how KKR is delivering tailored solutions to clients through our capital markets and asset management platforms, said Craig Farr, CEO of KFN and Global Head of KKR Capital Markets. In this case, we are backing an investment team with a track record of strong performance to lend to an industry that is experiencing severe dislocation. Farr added, KFN was able to deploy $150 million to Maritime Finance as a result of its flexible capital and access to the KKR platform, including MCS. With assistance from Stone Point in identifying and diligencing the Helios team, MCS delivered what we believe is a creative way to fill the void resulting from the ongoing deleveraging of European banks. About KKR Founded in 1976 and led by Henry Kravis and George Roberts, KKR is a leading global investment firm with $83.5 billion in assets under management as of June 30, 2013. With offices around the world, KKR manages assets through a variety of investment funds and accounts covering multiple asset classes.

KKR Forms Maritime Finance Company

Chidambaram has asked all the four departments to come up with ideas that could be implemented or prioritised over the next few months. This will also send out a signal that the government was for the time done with steps to stabilise the rupee and wants to move on to other pressing issues. “Each departments has to present a ten-point action plan on Monday” a ministry official familiar with the development told ET. Top bureaucrats in the finance ministry were closeted in a series of meetings on Saturday deliberating the things they will bring to the attention of the finance minister.


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