Kuwait forms cabinet with new oil, finance ministers

Fifth Street Finance Corp. Expands Its Syndicated Bank Credit Facility to $480 Million and Lowers Pricing to LIBOR + 2.25% Per Annum

The ministers of commerce, development, social affairs and labour, education and Islamic affairs were retained. Newly-elected MP Issa al-Kundari was appointed communications minister. The cabinet retains the two female ministers in the same posts and has two members from the Shiite minority. “It appears we are before a policy that will never change and a mentality that has not understood the message of the election,” independent Shiite MP Faisal al-Duwaisan said in a statement. He threatened that if the government does not tackle a number of key issues quickly, he will question the prime minister and other ministers in parliament.

Colorado School Finance Overhaul Coalition Turn In Over 160,000 Signatures Calling For Nearly $1 Billion Tax Hike

Expands Its Syndicated Bank Credit Facility to $480 Million and Lowers Pricing to LIBOR + 2.25% Per Annum Press Release: Fifth Street Finance Corp. 8 hours ago 10.73 -0.02 WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Aug. 7, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fifth Street Finance Corp. ( FSC ) (“Fifth Street”) announced today the successful amendment of its syndicated bank credit facility led by ING Capital LLC. The amended facility includes an increase in size to $480 million from $445 million and an increase in the accordion feature to $800 million from $600 million, allowing for potential future expansion.

Vimpelcom hires former Verizon Wireless finance chief

Vimpelcom, which has significant operations in Italy and several emerging markets, also said on Wednesday it was moving its shares to U.S. technology market Nasdaq after nearly two decades trading on rival NYSE Euronext, to cut costs. The appointment of Andrew Davies as chief financial officer (CFO) could help Amsterdam-based Vimpelcom cut debt, while it exits some emerging markets and refocuses on its core operations in Russia and Italy, analysts said. Davies worked at Vodafone’s Turkish, Japanese and U.K. businesses before joining Verizon Wireless – a joint venture between the British company and U.S.-based Verizon Communications – in 2010.


The $950 million initiative known as Initiative 22, would raise money for Colorado education through a change in the state’s income tax structure. If the measure makes it onto the ballot and if voters approve, it would take the state’s flat income tax of 4.63 percent and change it into a two-tiered system. The rate would increase to 5 percent for the first $75,000 of taxable income and increase to 5.9 percent for earnings above $75,000, regardless of whether filed single or jointly. The money raised would pay for primarily five things: Incentives for effective teachers More funding for at-risk students $100M “innovation fund” grants that schools and districts can compete for A report by 9News points out that the funds would pay for an increase in school funding by 1/3 and that it would be a bigger tax hike that Proposition 103 , which was soundly rejected by voters in 2011. State Sen.


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