17 People Who Left Finance Careers For Startups And Will Make Way More Because Of It

India’s Finance Minister Vows Not To Overspend

LearnVest Alexa Von Tobel, LearnVest founder and CEO Alexa Von Tobel began her career at Morgan Stanley where she rose up the ranks to become a trader. She quit to attend Harvard Business School, then dropped out to found LearnVest . LearnVest has raised more than $40 million to tackle an important issue: there should be financial planners and advisors available for the middle class, especially with such a high percentage of the population in debt. Whether LearnVest will succeed or not remains to be seen, but Von Tobel looks well positioned to clean up as a tech founder. Scott Belsky quit a job at Goldman Sachs to start Behance.

Finance disciplinary body delays first cases

David Ross was scheduled to appear before the Financial Advisers Disciplinary Committee, but this has been delayed until next year. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Lower Hutt adviser Stephen Musaphia was also due to appear before the committee today but his case was adjourned until August 16. At this time, two Christchurch advisers, Rod Bourke-Shaw and Graham Beecroft, are due to appear before the committee. According to official records, Bourke-Shaw has already deregistered as a financial adviser. To get authorisation, an applicant needs to provide proof of competence and pass a “good character” test.

It is a red line and it will not be breached, he said on a day that economic data out of the country showed the government had run up a fiscal deficit of nearly half the budgeted amount in the first quarter. The fiscal deficit for April-June quarter was 48.4% of the budgeted amount compared with 37.1% in the same period last year, the ET reported Thursday. Chidambaram had unveiled a new fiscal consolidation road map soon after taking over as finance minister last year and managed to contain fiscal deficit at 4.9% of GDP by effecting aggressive expenditure cuts, joining countries around the world trying to streamline government. Investors have turned away from India this year, though. The Wisdom Tree India (EPI) exchange traded fund, one of the favorite ways into that market for the retail investor and day trader, is off 19.5% year to date, while the MSCI Emerging Markets Index is down 12.03%.


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