City of Miami hires county finance staff to stabilize troubling budget issues

Premier car cos bet high on finance offers to push sales

And City Manager Johnny Martinez, who worked most of his career with the Florida Department of Transportation, spent three years at County Hall before coming to Miami in 2010. That amounts to 56 combined years of management skills overseeing multi-billion-dollar budgets and leading tens of thousands of employees at one of the largest governments in the southeastern United States. Ed Marquez, the countys deputy mayor who oversees finance, said the ex-county staff left with good reputations. The people theyve hired have very good qualifications and theyre fiscally savvy people, theyre talented people.

Michigan Finance Authority revenue notes rates SP-1 -S&P

The schools’ management said it ended fiscal 2013 with a $6 million deficit but expects to report a surplus of approximately $6 million in 2014 due to school closures and possible midyear budget cuts, S&P said. “The rating reflects a pledge of all state aid to be appropriated by the state of Michigan to the Detroit Public Schools starting with fiscal 2014,” the rating company said. The Detroit Public Schools enrollment could fall by as much as 33 percent, and state aid will be sufficient to cover debt service, according to S&P.

Under this scheme, we are offering repayment tenure of 84 months, against the normal tenure of 36 months in normal finance cases, which allows a customer to pay merely Rs 999 per day, added Anand. Both BMW and Mercedes are providing EMI (equated monthly instalment) schemes known as Bullet and Balloon. Under Bullet finance, the customer has to pay a normal EMI for the 11 months of the year and a comparatively bigger amount at the year-end. The idea is to make him able to pay a higher sum when his company makes profit at the year end.


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