City of Miami hires county finance staff to stabilize troubling budget issues

Serbian PM moves to oust finance minister, risking election

Perhaps more important, though, is that over the past two years Miami has raided Miami-Dade County of experienced financial administrators. Alfonso spent 17 years at County Hall, serving as a budget coordinator before joining Miami. Two months ago, the city hired 21-year county employee Fernandez to head up finance. He was County Halls controller for PortMiami. Later this month, Christopher Rose will join the city, adding 15 more years of county experience, mostly in the budget office.

Premier car cos bet high on finance offers to push sales

“Economy and finance are the most important issues for the future of Serbia and we need an additional impetus here,” he said. “We have no time for mistakes.” In response, Dinkic accused Dacic of “pure politicking” to cement his own position as premier. The nationalist SNS is riding high in opinion polls and stands to gain the most from a new election, which would likely cement its dominance of the Serbian political scene. But elections, and the weeks or months it would take to form a government, will cost valuable time in shoring up national finances and implementing a landmark accord between Serbia and its former Kosovo province, brokered in April by the EU. That would likely delay the start of EU accession talks, penciled in for January.

Now, it is up to the customers to go for pre-determined tenure for payment of principle amount. Under this scheme, we are offering repayment tenure of 84 months, against the normal tenure of 36 months in normal finance cases, which allows a customer to pay merely Rs 999 per day, added Anand. Both BMW and Mercedes are providing EMI (equated monthly instalment) schemes known as Bullet and Balloon. Under Bullet finance, the customer has to pay a normal EMI for the 11 months of the year and a comparatively bigger amount at the year-end.


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