Wielding Finance, Innovation And Policy To Make An Impact In Climate Change

I managed to catch up with Vikram Widge, Head of Climate Finance and Policy at the International Finance Corporation to discuss the combination of finance, innovation and policy working together to make impact in climate change. FORBES ASIA: What are the major bottlenecks to larger flows of investment into sustainable infrastructure in developing and emerging countries? Widge: There are 2 main challenges. First, developing and emerging economies need to develop investment-grade policy frameworks that generate a strong pipeline of bankable green growth projects.

U.S. public finance downgrades exceed upgrades in Q2 -Fitch

public finance downgrades exceeded the number of upgrades in the second quarter, for the 18th quarter in a row, Fitch Ratings said on Thursday. Fitch also said that negative rating actions are expected to remain elevated in the coming months because negative rating outlooks outpaced positive outlooks by a ratio of 3.3 to 1 at the end of the second quarter. In the March-to-June period, Fitch downgraded 68 credits, which represented about 6.5 percent of all rating actions and $53.8 billion in par value vs 57 credits in the first quarter. During the same period, the rating agency upgraded 24 credits, or 2.3 percent of all rating actions and $9.7 billion in par value compared with 31 credits upgraded in the first quarter.


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