Humanitarian Finance & Grants Advisor

The team expertise is the management of large scale and complex responses finance and grants, Humanitarian donors (DIFD, ECHO, DEC, UNICEF) Finance and Grants Management, Cash Programming Financial management and Training non-Finance staff in Financial Management. About the Role As part of the Humanitarian Finance and Grants team, the Humanitarian Finance & Grants Adviser have a leading role in ensuring high standards of financial management in emergency programmes worldwide, working closely with global, regional & country-based teams, Save the Children International and Save the Children Alliance members. The Adviser has the specific role of supporting the other regionally focused advisers when on deployments/leave and support them for extraordinary Reponses. He/She also will be asked to deploy up to 35% of the time on hands-on response roles in Save the Children Emergencies.

Japan finance minister apologizes for Nazi constitution comment

Critics of the ruling Liberal Democrats are uneasy over the party’s proposals for revising the U.S.-inspired postwar constitution, in part to allow a higher profile for Japan’s military. Japan and Nazi Germany were allies in World War II, when Japan occupied much of Asia and Germany much of Europe, where the racial supremacist Nazis oversaw the killings of an estimated 6 million Jews before the war ended in 1945 with their defeat. Japan’s military aggression, which included colonizing the Korean Peninsula before the war, is the reason its current constitution limits the role of the military. According to a transcript of the speech published by the newspaper Asahi Shimbun, Aso decried the lack of support for revising Japan’s pacifist constitution among older Japanese, saying the Liberal Democrats held quiet, extensive discussions about its proposals. “I don’t want to see this done in the midst of an uproar,” Aso said, according to the transcript.


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