Finance moots 49% multi-brand retail FDI by automatic route

Sources, however, said the panel headed by Economic Affairs Secretary Mayaram had recommended that the FDI limit be raised to 49 per cent in almost all sectors through the automatic route, with 74 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail trading by the government approval route. The finance minstrys proposal could get support from the Planning Commission, an official said. The planning commission is yet to submit its response to the DIPP proposal. The departments of commerce, consumer affairs and agriculture & cooperation too havent given their responses.

Ireland Plans Ship Finance Center in Dublin’s Docklands

Until recently, there wasnt a need for Big Data specialists, because there simply wasnt the ability to organize data in a way that enabled effective decision making. Segmenting audiences and sampling opinions was the best even rigorous theorists could do. But in recent years online merchants like Netflix and Amazon demonstrated the value of using copious transaction data to treat every customer differently. Marketers began to understand they could manage reputational risk by monitoring Twitter, Yelp and even YouTube. The access to new types of external data suddenly created a need.

Why Every Finance Professional Needs a Degree in Big Data

Half the worlds commercial leased aircraft is managed from Ireland, according to the IDA. Nine of the 10 biggest leasing companies have operations in Dublin, with more than 3,000 aircraft valued at 83 billion euros ($110 billion) are leased from Ireland, according to the countrys transport ministry. Ireland could capture 5 percent of the global shipping market, ISSC said, without giving further details. Buy Land ISSC may buy land in the Irish capitals north docklands and then develop the project in stages, starting with a 27,500 square-meter (296,000 square-foot) eight-story office building, the company said.


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