Big finance is strangling innovation

But can it be stopped? Taming the financialization monster wont happen through volunteerism. Through our increasingly corrupt political system, the titans of the financial sector pull more of the strings in Washington, and theyre not likely to speak out against things like skyrocketing executive pay, one of the forces driving income inequality, vaporizing jobs, and diverting money from more productive channels. According to a report by the Economic Policy Institute , American CEOs now earn 273 times the average workers salary. Thirty years ago, the average chief executive of a large public company took in less than 30 times the pay of the typical worker.

Personal finance lessons from the Detroit bankruptcy

I needed to make sure that certain things were provided for them a roof over their head and food in their bellies, for starters. RECOMMENDED: Can you manage your money? A personal finance quiz. That experience, in many ways, parallels whats happening in Detroit. Much like Detroit,we all have basic maintenace were responsible for.Detroit has facility maintenance, while we have rent and insurance and so on.

Recent Grads: Passion Is the Secret Ingredient to Success in Finance

One important aspect of our conversation was her rise through the ranks of the finance sector at a time when women were rare on Wall Street. It’s safe to say her numerous successes can be attributed to her passion for her position, company, and the finance sector as a whole. Here’s what we can learn from her and a few other noteworthy finance professionals: Follow Your Passion Passion is the secret ingredient to your success as a finance professional, and it’s your job to ensure it intertwines with every part of your professional life including your job search, daily on-the-job responsibilities, and professional development. It all starts with finding a job that you enjoy doing. You can love finance as a whole, but without the right position your passion will wither quickly.

Futuris’ new finance boss looks forward to sale

Grechs departure came soon after Elders said it was in final negotiations with a preferred bidder for the company, with a deal to be announced some time in the September quarter. The sale process is taking up about 99.9 per cent of my time and then it is just getting up to speed with all the businesses around the world, as well as the [finance] team again, Clarke says of the past month. Clarkes roles at the company have included general manager of group commercial finance and head of finance in Futuriss Chinese operations, which primarily supply Chinese car maker Chery. The company also has manufacturing plants in Thailand, China and the US, as well as Australia, supplying global car manufacturers.


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