Recent Grads: Passion Is the Secret Ingredient to Success in Finance

“Understand what the job entails, find a job match that you’re going to enjoy, because any of these jobs–particularly those at Goldman Sachs or Wall Street–require a lot,” Hunt said. “They’re demanding roles…So it better be something you like, because if you like it, you have a chance at being good at it.” Being in a position you love allows you to provide an engaged and refreshing perspective in the workplace. Others will notice your passion and feel more energized and motivated, while your managers will be more likely to help you rise through the ranks. Combine Your Skills With Your Passion Let your passion play into your skillsets. Those who are truly invested in their work are good at it and always looking to improve.

Old-Fashioned Regulators Miss What’s New in Finance

Gorton and Metrick recommend a new system of oversight of haircuts and acceptable collateral, but working out the details is hard. The Financial Stability Board — the international coordinating body for financial regulators — has discussed some ideas but, as Tarullo noted, theres no blueprint yet, much less new laws or rules to put any such blueprint into effect. I do not think that the post-crisis program of regulatory reform can be judged complete until a more comprehensive set of measures to address this problem is in place, Tarullo says. Hes right, but dont hold your breath. Nobodys in any hurry, and the complexity of the issue has shielded it from political attention.


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