German Finance Minister rejects second writedown of Greek debt

Uncommon Jobs For Your Finance Degree

Wolfgang Schaeuble told weekly Bild am Sonntag in an interview that Greece would continue to receive support beyond 2014 if needed and provided the country meets the demands of international creditors. Schaeuble was quoted as saying “it’s certain, however, that there will be no second debt writedown for Athens.” Extracts of the interview, to be published Sunday, July 28, were released by the paper Saturday and confirmed by the Finance Ministry. With Germany’s general election two months away, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative government has been at pains to appear firm on Greece’s international bailout, which is unpopular with many Germans. Last year Greece’s debt was restructured with private-sector bondholders.

D.C.’s campaign finance laws need reforming

Heir apparent to the finance director position is Yarmouths current financial analyst Edward Senteio, whose background in software development, Hinchey said, suits him to the more technical side of town finances. After reviewing a number of candidates for the position of finance director, and interviewing three finalists at its previous meting, the Yarmouth Board of Selectmen voted this week to hire none of them, and to begin the process of reorganizing the towns finance department instead. In presenting the new plan, Town Administrator William Hinchey told the board that the search for a new finance director had failed to reveal a candidate with all the skills and qualities necessary for the position. That failure, he said, was due more to the evolving nature of the position than to any shortcomings of the candidates.

Exhibit B is the Democrats 2010 campaign for council chairman. Both efforts seem to have been rife with infractions of the rules on collecting and spending money. Incredibly, its likely that any violations will go largely unpunished because of an enforcement system that lacks teeth or real penalties. Mr.

Yarmouth finance department could see reorganization

Perhaps it is an acting class, a political science class, a volunteer opportunity, study abroad or community activism that exposed you to prospective and authentic interests beyond the world of finance. Use these experiences to guide your career choices . MBAs, who were once undergrads may have felt dishonest in working a few years in a job that they disliked or lacked passion on. Couple that with a competitive job market, and they too may seek a vocation more in tune with what they think could be their “true” calling. “Non-Traditional” Jobs for the Left-Brained If investment banking, hedge funds, management consulting or private equity are not viable options for you, consider matching your personal interests with your finance and business skill sets.


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