What’s Next for the Head of Finance? The CFO as Catalyst for Change

As InformationWeek pointed out, this is a similar trend to what we have seen happening with CMOs, yet Id argue that the CFOs role in technology might be more noteworthy. The reason I say that is because 84 percent of respondents said cooperation between the finance leader and CIO has increased during the past three years. One of the reasons for this is that big data breakthroughs such as sentiment analysis are often closely tied to financial results. In fact, organizations are increasingly looking at what customers are saying about their products, their services and their company and linking that directly to budgeting and forecasting processes. Another reason that the CFOs role in technology is significant is that CFOs now view disruptive technologies as a key source of business success .

Finance Latest News: Bidders Line up for Siemens Postal Machines Unit

Postal Service and Deutsche Post among its customers, has benefited from the growing number of consumers shifting to internet shopping. Stocks broke through record highs in early trading after Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the central bank is in no hurry to stop supporting the economy. June sales heated up for stores. Costco Corp., Fred’s Inc.


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