Finance moots 49% multi-brand retail FDI by automatic route

Sources, however, said the panel headed by Economic Affairs Secretary Mayaram had recommended that the FDI limit be raised to 49 per cent in almost all sectors through the automatic route, with 74 per cent FDI in multi-brand retail trading by the government approval route. The finance minstrys proposal could get support from the Planning Commission, an official said. The planning commission is yet to submit its response to the DIPP proposal. The departments of commerce, consumer affairs and agriculture & cooperation too havent given their responses.

Ireland Plans Ship Finance Center in Dublin’s Docklands

Until recently, there wasnt a need for Big Data specialists, because there simply wasnt the ability to organize data in a way that enabled effective decision making. Segmenting audiences and sampling opinions was the best even rigorous theorists could do. But in recent years online merchants like Netflix and Amazon demonstrated the value of using copious transaction data to treat every customer differently. Marketers began to understand they could manage reputational risk by monitoring Twitter, Yelp and even YouTube. The access to new types of external data suddenly created a need.

Why Every Finance Professional Needs a Degree in Big Data

Half the worlds commercial leased aircraft is managed from Ireland, according to the IDA. Nine of the 10 biggest leasing companies have operations in Dublin, with more than 3,000 aircraft valued at 83 billion euros ($110 billion) are leased from Ireland, according to the countrys transport ministry. Ireland could capture 5 percent of the global shipping market, ISSC said, without giving further details. Buy Land ISSC may buy land in the Irish capitals north docklands and then develop the project in stages, starting with a 27,500 square-meter (296,000 square-foot) eight-story office building, the company said.


Serbia’s largest party agrees to finance minister’s ouster

Serbian PM moves to oust finance minister, risking election

Credit: Reuters/Djordje Kojadinovic BELGRADE | Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:16am EDT BELGRADE (Reuters) – The largest party in Serbia’s government signaled its acceptance of Finance Minister Mladjan Dinkic’s dismissal, saying on Wednesday it would continue to work with the Socialists in the ruling coalition. Prime Minister Ivica Dacic, a Socialist, proposed on Tuesday that the government move on without Dinkic and his United Regions of Serbia (URS) party, a junior partner in the coalition. Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vucic, who heads the largest party, the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), said his party presidency had accepted Dacic’s proposal at a meeting on Wednesday morning. Without the 16 seats of Dinkic’s URS, the coalition would still retain a slim majority in parliament. But his departure could unnerve investors worried about Serbia’s growing budget gap and public debt, which have all but buried hopes of a new precautionary loan deal with the International Monetary Fund.

Siemens Names Finance Chief Kaeser as CEO to Replace Loes

Kaeser, currently chief financial officer, will start his new role on Aug. 1, the Munich-based company said in an e-mailed statement today. Siemens will name a new CFO in the near future, it said. Loescher last week cut a profit forecast for the fifth time in his six years at Siemens, underlining the challenges for Kaeser to oversee a company that has 60 sub-units and manufactures products including trains, gas turbines, medical scanners and factory automation gear.

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Siemens appoints finance chief Kaeser as CEO

“PURE POLITICKING” Dinkic has served as central bank governor, finance minister and economy minister under several administrations since the ouster of Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, when the country began emerging from a decade of war and economic turmoil. He led an unpopular budget reform process this year, trying to stabilize Serbia’s finances and pull the economy out of recession. Analysts say he would have taken a harder line in cutting public sector wages and pensions, but was reined in by Dacic’s Socialists who were strongly against. On Sunday, Dinkic offered to give up his economy portfolio as part of a cabinet reshuffle, but retain the position of finance minister. Dacic said the offer fell short.

Weil’s Views on Finance

WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. to Report Second Quarter 2013 Financial Results

A tribunal found the firm and a partner had displayed a persistent and, in our view, deliberate disregard for proper accounting practice. No worries, though. Deloitte will pay whatever fine it must, and then move on to the next scandal. Yet another sign were in a Fed-fueled bond bubble Investors are pumping money into junk bonds globally at the fastest pace ever while tempering their enthusiasm for higher-rated debt, demonstrating a preference for yield over stability, writes Lisa Abramowicz of Bloomberg News. Remember what Chuck Prince said in 2007 when he was boss at Citigroup: As long as the music is playing, you have to dance.

Investors may also access the call on the investor relations portion of the Companys website at . If you are unable to access the live teleconference, a replay will be available beginning approximately two hours after the calls completion through August 20, 2013. The teleconference replay can be accessed by dialing 404-537-3406 (domestic and international) and entering ID# 14342688. A webcast replay will also be available on the investor relations portion of the Companys website at .

Research and Markets: Global Trade Review (GTR) – 2013 Edition: The Trade Finance Market’s Biggest Single Source of Contacts in the Industry

– Often wonder who to turn to when looking for reliable information and partners for trading with China, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine, India? – Uncertain if political risk insurance might fit better than non-recourse discounting or simple letters of credit? – What about saving thousands by making your supply chains paperless and electronic? Global Trade Review-GTR is your first and most reliable source of information.

Business Finance Store President to Speak at Beauty, Brains, Business Convention this Aug. 15-17

‘Finance Ministry paid GHc42,000 to Danomah’s family’

They keep it exciting by taking care of some of the most difficult aspects, by providing legal advice, helping with vital responsibilities like accounting & bookkeeping, and by obtaining business finance. They can quickly and easily guide entrepreneurs through many different complicated processes and put them on the path to success. For 10 years, The Business Finance Store has been helping startups and other small businesses legally structure their companies, find the right franchises, get the funding they need, and achieve the American dream of owning their own successful business. Since expanding nationwide in 2007, they have helped thousands of companies and have funded over $100 Million in business credit lines, not including SBA loans. The Business Finance Store sees limitless potential in the current climate, and looks forward to many strong years of growth to come.

Sole Commissioner The Sole Commissioner indicated that the attorney who handled the case was Anna Pearl Akiwumi Sireboe and wondered why she was not asked to appear before the commission. He said Sireboe wrote something about the case and, therefore, she would have been in a better position to answer questions than you. Counsel for the commission was also surprised that Mrs Dankyi was asked to come because the subpoena made a request for the Solicitor General herself and the State Attorney who conducted the matter. Mr Justice Apau said the commission had some pressing questions because during the initial stages of the matter, Mr John Kwabena Danomah and Mrs Rosemond Danomah represented the family by going to see Totoe Legal Services for them to serve notice of intention to commence an action.

Democrats File Complaint Over Stanzione’s Campaign Finance…

Stanzione was the treasurer for the committee. The East Hampton Democratic Campaign Committee filed a formal complaint with the New York State Board of Elections on Monday. In a letter faxes to the enforcement division of the campaign finance unit in Albany, Christopher Kelley, the Democratic campaign chairman, claims Stanzione filed “a false campaign finance report.” He pointed to four advertisements in The East Hampton Star and other local newspapers, as well as on East Hampton Patch. “It is our understanding that both the expenditures for the ads and the source of the funds to pay for them are required to be disclosed in the periodic campaign finance report,” he wrote. “Even if the ads were donated, they would have to be reported as contributions in-kind and the donors name disclosed.” By phone Monday afternoon, Stanzione acknowledged an issue with his latest finance report and said he paid for the ads with personal funds as a loan to his campaign, he said.

D.C.’s campaign finance laws need reforming

Serbian finance minister cedes economy brief, averts risk of snap poll

Editorial Board New outbreaks erupt in Somalia and Kenya. The board deferred action after referring the matter to the U.S. attorneys office. That investigation resulted in Mr.

Borst will retire as Toyota finance chief

And the unit’s in-house treasury department has won all four of the financial services industry’s coveted awards for performance, stability, speed-to-market and risk management. No company, automotive or otherwise, has ever done that, Toyota said. Those were key reasons why Borst was named an Automotive News All-Star in 2012. Borst said he was proud that Toyota’s finance arm ranked atop seven categories in the recent National Automobile Dealers Association survey.

He has slowed the rate of increase of Serbia’s budget deficit and public debt, which had ballooned to all but scuppered hopes of a new precautionary loan from the International Monetary Fund. Dacic’s Socialists and the nationalist Progressive Party (SNS), the two biggest parties in the alliance, had already agreed to reshuffle their ministers. Dinkic’s United Regions of Serbia party (URS) is polling just 5 percent among voters. Weeks of fraught negotiations over the reshuffle had raised the risk of a snap election that would almost certainly have delayed the start of EU membership talks scheduled for January. “We accept the proposal of our coalition partners to separate the finance and economy portfolios,” Dinkic said after a closed meeting of the URS party.

Big finance is strangling innovation

How Finance Fueled Students’ And Nonprofit’s Future

Finance is no longer playing the role of the handmaiden of creative destruction that allows industry to produce technological advance and economic development. Kregel and Burlamaqui also observe that the financial services industry has special features which create economic instability in a variety of ways, for example, using things like derivatives packages to shift risk from financial firms onto those less able to bear that risk. Bubbles followed by catastrophic crashes become inevitable: eventually, the weight of financial speculation becomes so great that it overwhelms the system, as we saw in the late 1920s, and in the 2007-08 financial crisis. When these crises occur, speculation decreases for a time, but as we can see now, the financial sector is hell-bent on restoring profits not for the sake of the economy and jobs, but for the sake of their incomes. Damon Silvers has also pointed out that the costs of financial bubbles include the effects of the failure to productively invest capital, including the decline of government investment in research and development.

RPT-Fitch Updates Criteria for Servicing Continuity Risk in Structured Finance

There still isnt sufficient awareness of it. Thats changing quickly. For decades, finance giants held the golden keys to success and wealth, but that reputation has begun to erode with trimmed bonuses and narrowed job prospects. In an effort to recover from steep losses and tarnished reputations, large banks are seeking alternative, more equitable paths to prosperity. Impact investment may be the solution.

D.C.’s campaign finance laws need reforming

Mr. Browns 2010 campaign for chairman was the subject of an audit, released this month by the campaign finance office, that showed the same problems that afflicted the earlier campaign, albeit on a smaller scale. Among the findings was the expenditure of more than $215,000 on consulting services to two companies; the committee didnt produce contracts or invoices detailing what services were provided. Also cited was the issuance of 28 checks, including seven made out to cash, totaling $92,260 by Che Brown, Mr.

The update does not contain any material changes and will not have any rating impact on existing transactions. No ratings will be reviewed as a result of the criteria update. The report entitled ‘Criteria for Servicing Continuity Risk in Structured Finance’ is available at and replaces the previous report dated 10 August 2012. The report is available at or by clicking on the link below.

Big finance is strangling innovation

But can it be stopped? Taming the financialization monster wont happen through volunteerism. Through our increasingly corrupt political system, the titans of the financial sector pull more of the strings in Washington, and theyre not likely to speak out against things like skyrocketing executive pay, one of the forces driving income inequality, vaporizing jobs, and diverting money from more productive channels. According to a report by the Economic Policy Institute , American CEOs now earn 273 times the average workers salary. Thirty years ago, the average chief executive of a large public company took in less than 30 times the pay of the typical worker.

Personal finance lessons from the Detroit bankruptcy

I needed to make sure that certain things were provided for them a roof over their head and food in their bellies, for starters. RECOMMENDED: Can you manage your money? A personal finance quiz. That experience, in many ways, parallels whats happening in Detroit. Much like Detroit,we all have basic maintenace were responsible for.Detroit has facility maintenance, while we have rent and insurance and so on.

Recent Grads: Passion Is the Secret Ingredient to Success in Finance

One important aspect of our conversation was her rise through the ranks of the finance sector at a time when women were rare on Wall Street. It’s safe to say her numerous successes can be attributed to her passion for her position, company, and the finance sector as a whole. Here’s what we can learn from her and a few other noteworthy finance professionals: Follow Your Passion Passion is the secret ingredient to your success as a finance professional, and it’s your job to ensure it intertwines with every part of your professional life including your job search, daily on-the-job responsibilities, and professional development. It all starts with finding a job that you enjoy doing. You can love finance as a whole, but without the right position your passion will wither quickly.

Futuris’ new finance boss looks forward to sale

Grechs departure came soon after Elders said it was in final negotiations with a preferred bidder for the company, with a deal to be announced some time in the September quarter. The sale process is taking up about 99.9 per cent of my time and then it is just getting up to speed with all the businesses around the world, as well as the [finance] team again, Clarke says of the past month. Clarkes roles at the company have included general manager of group commercial finance and head of finance in Futuriss Chinese operations, which primarily supply Chinese car maker Chery. The company also has manufacturing plants in Thailand, China and the US, as well as Australia, supplying global car manufacturers.